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The Early Days – Radio 2LT

First Radio job - 2LT Lithgow, NSW. 1988

Announcing – Radio 95.3 Huon FM 1994

On the radio in the early 1990's

In 2017 I voiced 3 characters in this 3D animated movie: Ajisaka and The Flower of Life. It is due for a global release soon.

Voiced 3 characters in this 3D animated movie: Ajisaka and The Flower of Life

Explaining the uses of voiceover for business at NRG Business Networking February 2017. Image by William Gordon Photography

Image by William Gordon Photography

Guest Speaking at a workshop for aspiring Voiceover Artists in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia – December 2016

Guest Speaking at a workshop for aspiring Voiceover Artists in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia - December 2016

Guest Speaking at a workshop for aspiring Voiceover Artists in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia – February 2018

Guest Speaking at a workshop for aspiring Voiceover Artists in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia - February 2018

Guest Speaking at a workshop for aspiring Voiceover Artists in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia – February 2018

Guest Speaking at a workshop for aspiring Voiceover Artists in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia - April 2019



Recording for over 35 years

I work as a voiceover artist on a daily basis recording for clients worldwide through my Dan Garlick Voiceovers service.
I am a self employed international Mature Australian Male Voiceover Talent and have been recording voiceovers for 30 years.
My voice is rich, resonant and mellifluous guiding listeners towards the corporate end goal.
I help my clients to brand their projects.
I love to create long term mutually beneficial relationships with his clients.
I have voiced a wide range of audio projects from television and radio commercials to phone on hold messages to online training to corporate presentations to movie characters.
My client focus and dedication to ensuring an outstanding professional result means I have been contracted by some of the worlds largest audio production companies on an ongoing basis.

Where did I start my voiceover career ?

Starting my voiceover career in radio in 1988 at 2LT, Lithgow, New South Wales I went on to work at radio stations in Queensland (4BH) and Tasmania (7HOFM).
I was also instrumental in setting up community radio station Huon FM in Tasmania and managing it for 6 years while staying involved for 9 years as an announcer.
I was also a principal contracted voiceover artist for WIN Television in Tasmania for over 10 years during the 1990s and early 2000s.
I ran my own media company called Ozvox Media for 17 years.



My specialties as a voiceover artist are Corporate video, E-Learning and Instructional Videos, Narration, Documentaries, TV & Radio Commercials, Educational, and Internet Video. I’m available for multiple genres, because I’m versatile.
I have a wide ranging voiceover portfolio available for branding your project.

I am a well known voiceover artist in Australia, the UK and Asia and also use my experience to train aspiring voiceover artists.
I am available from my professional home recording studio in Java, Indonesia, via phone patch, ipDTL, Skype and Zoom and BodalgoCall.
Will use SourceConnect if required.

Things I have learned since moving to Indonesia:
– My blood has thinned considerably since moving from Tasmania to Asia. Anything under 22 degrees Celsius is cold now.
– It’s better to take a Grab car or walk than chance driving in the traffic.



Can I do anything else ? 

Why yes. I have a lot of experience in other areas

  • Full service multimedia production and training including:
    • media strategies,
    • media advice,
    • communications advice,
    • website development,
    • producing video, audio and graphics content
  • Educational Course development and delivery
  • Familiarity with cross cultural requirements and sensitivities
  • Business networking expertise.





I’ve always been an avid reader and it came naturally to me to vocalise what I was reading. I mainly record narrations of corporate business profiles, industrial and architectural and instructional videos. My narration work has also branched into projects as diverse as promotional tourism videos, real estate promotions and sports documentaries.


On Hold messaging is a medium I am especially proficient in. Telephone messages allow you to seize every opportunity for communication. Auto Attendant greets and directs effectively with news you need every caller to hear; Out-of-Hours delivers alternative contact details or updated operating times; and Business Voicemail extends this communicative professionalism to a mobile, cell or landline. Plus, any time a caller spends waiting on the line introduces another way to deliver a message. I’ve worked for over 4 years for one of the world’s leading audio agency and created many telephony solutions for multiple clients through my own company’s Voiceover On Hold service from 1999-2016.


From my teens I enjoyed acting in various stage productions. I have completed onstage roles with various Theatre Companies and have appeared in numerous onscreen roles in several films and multiple TV commercials. This has helped considerably with my Voice Over Acting skills. I have played onscreen roles in:
Nong Hak (Dearest Sister) 2016 (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4701908/fullcredits?ref_=tt_ql_dt_1)
The Siren 2018 (short film) – https://youtu.be/GlNcxT3IhrE


I am also an experienced Digital Media Specialist and Communications Advisor/Trainer with strengths developed from a more than 30 year career in digital and analogue media production and sales including radio, tv, video, web development, graphic design, marketing and business development training. During my career I have created and managed many projects involving facets of elearning, corporate and website audio and video and website development.
My knowledge spans operations, training, sales, marketing and business development. I have also delivered presentations on the use of media in business at international conferences and workshops and won a global award for Best Practices – Multimedia Excellence in business in 2011.
I have also written and taught a course on media at the National University of Laos during 2015/2016.


As a director of BNI Global I was responsible for training businesspeople to grow profitable business networks in several Australian states for over 9 years.
I am a Certified Action Business Coach using the world famous Action Coach system.



Completed 1 Year Radio Announcer course at The Radio School – Brisbane 1987 Attained Distinction Credit. Gained 1st radio announcer job 1 month after completion. Over 3 decades of hands on experience voicing scripts since I was 28 in radio, tv and commercial recording studios and now recording in my own broadcast quality home studio.


  • Certificate II in Community Radio (Radio Operations) – Course number 5018
  • Diploma of Digital Media Technologies – Course number ICT50915
  • Diploma of Multimedia – Course number CUF50701
  • Diploma of Website Development  – Course number ICT50615


  • Coordinate film and media production services and resources – Course number CUFPPM403A
  • Create and optimise digital media – Course number BSBMKG437
  • Create digital media user experiences – Course number BSBMKG420
  • Create mass electronic media advertisements – Course number BSBADV510A
  • Create mass print media advertisements – Course numberBSBMKG551
  • Create multiplatform advertisements for mass media – Course number BSBMKG551
  • Create visual design components for digital media – Course number ICTDMT404
  • Design interactive media – Course number ICTGAM412
  • Implement social media and online customer engagement – Course number SIRSS00019
  • Manage and implement social media and online customer engagement – Course number SIRSS00020
  • Manage interactive media production – Course number ICTGAM504

I continue to learn with additional online and offline training in various areas including social media marketing, voice acting, sound engineering, and business management.


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Dan Garlick - Australian Male Voice Talent
Dan Garlick - The Voice of Experience
Dan Garlick - Australian Male Voice Talent

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Dan Garlick - Australian Male Voice Talent
Dan Garlick - Australian Male Voice Talent